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Google for Non-Profits / Adwords

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Hi There,


I have an existing Google Adwords grant account and under the new sign up rule I need to link this through our Google for Non-Profits account. Our Non-Profits is not administrated by me, so if I do this, will I still be an administrator of the Adwords account, or do I have to be given administrator access to the non profits account to continue using Adwords with my own email address etc?


Apologies if this is confusing, but I am confused!





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Google for Non-Profits / Adwords

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Google Employee

Hi Derek, 

Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the AdWords community!

If you link your account to the Google for Non-Profits account, it will not waive your administrator rights. Make sure to sign in using your Google for Nonprofits administrator account. This is the account that you used when you applied for Google for Nonprofits.It may be different than the account you use to access the product in which you're enrolling.


If you have other questions, please let me know. 

Google for Non-Profits / Adwords

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Thanks Michelle,


The problem is that another work colleague enrolled in the Non-Profits programme using his own email etc.


If I get him to link the accounts will I still have access to my Adwords Grant account using my own existing sign in details?


Thanks again,



Google for Non-Profits / Adwords

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I have a similar problem.  We've been a member of Google for Nonprofits for many years.  I've received several emails to "enroll" with my adwords account, but it's already enrolled and connected to a valid Google For Nonprofit account.  


Today, my adwords account was suspended and I also received an email stating that I owed money to Google Adwords.  The instructions to "enroll" don't work since the account already lists that we're enrolled.

Google for Non-Profits / Adwords

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Same here, too. Account suspended, even though we have moved from Google Grants to Nonprofits successfully. I cannot find any place where I could report this problem. Any ideas?


Jukka Aronen


Re: Google for Non-Profits / Adwords

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We got our situation resolved. It turned out that our AdWords account and
our Google for Nonprofits account were applied for, and owned, by two
different emails. We'd applied at two different times, years ago. I made
sure that both emails were listed to manage both accounts and then reported
it again. At that point, they were able to fix it.