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Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Help google are blocking my account despite a dozen  emails  

phone calls 

my adwords account is blocked  cant log in pay my bill and my advertising is suspended [censored]  is going on. ?

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Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Moving the thread to the adwords board

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Account suspensions are a business issue which you may want to take up with Google. This forum is a mostly peer-to-peer support community and we are volunteers; not Google. So we cannot access your account, speak for, or take action for Google on issues relating to suspensions or payment issues. 


I can tell you that when an account is suspended, Google always sends an email stating the reason, and procedures for addressing it if relevant.


Some suspensions become permanent if egregious, not promptly resolved, or fit other criteria not all of which are known to me. If you suspension has become permanent then you Google will no longer take calls about it or reply.  Otherwise, they would be locked in a permanent, non-productive loop with suspended accounts. 


Your best action is to find the suspension email, then  identify and correct the reason for the suspension. 



Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Hi thank you

for the reply i have contacted

google adwords help

its like talking to a robot there english is poor and they dont listen..

i have had an adwords account for 15 months for my sole trader business


paying an average of £300 per month i called them several times n kept on the phone up to

50 mins at a time at 16p per minute which they get a cut


without resolveing any thing

i have e-mailed customer service (joke) that is


all i need to do is update my card details, its impossible


they keep saying my old account has been reactivated

its not.   Its been deleted over a year ago


i think this is joke most of the links to complain are broken

you cant complete it


now u say the members of this forum cant help ? Becuase its business ? How do you think google operates

yep me and's

like me


terrible service, but there is no option.

whats the point of this forum



Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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But this is the offical google adwords account forum ?


so what are you saying now?

that it isnt ?

Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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No adwords dosnt work like that?

and this is the offical adwords forum, if you cant help please dont comment

thank you

Re: Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Re: Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Sorry you're feeling frustrated about the forum, Phil.  This forum is setup and maintained by Google, but the purpose it to allow Google AdWords professionals, from the AdWords Community, to assist AdWords users with technical issues, by providing answers on a volunteer services.  It is not the correct place to reach employees of Google, Inc about business issues and we do not have access to your account. 


I'm sorry for your difficulties but payment issues are only resolvable by getting in touch with Google.  And you should be aware that if the issues are not resolved, sometimes Google will permanently suspend an account after which time you won't be able to reach them at at.  This is necessary because chronic situations would arise where a never-ending back and forth develops.  So it is best to resolve the card issue at your first opportunity, if that is still possible.  The suspension email that they always send, identifies the issue causing the suspension. 


hth, and best of luck with it. 

Re: Google are blocking me from my adwords account

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Hi steve
This isnt a payment problem

It's a redundant account problem

I opened an adwords account about 4 years ago which i could not get on with, despite my best efforts to close it, myself without suckcess , i contacted adwords help by phone several times
To ask them to close the account.

I thought it was all done
And deleted

I had a new website built
15 months ago
And a new awdords account set up, by the builder. But in my name

The email address linked to it
Is the one i have always used

For many months everything was fine, the monthly bills came to me
By email at that address
No problem

Then sudenly
I could not log in, i tried again. But the link took me too the old account

I have called adwords several times
Now by mobile phone its premiy
Rate number
Despite my best efforts
To explain the situation
The staff just stall me on the phone the last call was 47 mins
At 16p per minute, there english is poor,
My account
Seems lost

But old account us there, which i have never used.

Adwords is vital to my business

I have not advertised since the 14 november now
Brcuase the old account has been reactivated ?
And my new account seems lost?

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