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Google Trusted Stores reviews disapproved

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Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to add reviews extension on my ads, but Google keeps disapproving them,

The reviews are from the Google Trusted Stores, they are exact quotes and the URL I put on AdWords links to those quotes.


So I guess they should be allowed, would you have any idea of what could be wrong?


Thank you very much,



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June 2016

Re: Google Trusted Stores reviews disapproved

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Did you following this set up process?


In the "New review" window, fill out all of the required fields:

  • Format: select “Paraphrased”
  • Text: this field must contain one of the approved items from below. Please use these quotes verbatim so as to match the policy requirements.
    • Excellent shopping experience
    • Recognized for excellent customer service
    • Shop with confidence
    • Reliable on-time delivery
    • Free purchase protection
  • Source: Google Trusted Stores
  • Source URL: this is the link to your Google Trusted Stores “Verify” page. You can find this by clicking the Google Trusted Stores badge on your site and copying the “Verify” link from the badge flyover.
  • Click Save.
  • The new review will appear in the window under “Selected reviews.” Click Save.



Re: Google Trusted Stores reviews disapproved

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Google doesn't allow reviews from client testimonials, the only reviews they allow are those from websites that say your the best etc etc. - Like if Yelp announced you were a top 10 restaurant in the country , those types of reviews are what they will allow.