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Google Shopping campaign with Currency Conversion

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Hi Adwords Community, 


I am having issues on my Adwords campaign. As noted by some of you, I too also encounter issues with Currency Conversions. I have a US shopping campaigns in USD which is working fine. I have 2 campaigns one in GB and one in AU where the difference is that I'm displaying in USD with Google Currency Conversion. After multiple interactions with Google Support no-one has been able to assist me. 


Is this still a problem and should I look to implement a feed with GBP and AUD in my GB and AU campaigns (therefore not depend on currency conversion).





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Google Shopping campaign with Currency Conversion

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the short answer is yes.


currency-conversion requires a separate feed per target-country.

for shopping-ads, a separate product-feed, per target-country, is required --
regardless of the currency-conversion feature being enabled or disabled;
the same feed (file) cannot be used for multiple target-countries.

the currency-conversion feature is mainly a convenience --
for merchants who cannot, or wish not to, implement full,

robust, country-specific targeting.

currency-conversion results can be rather weak and ineffective.

the main difference between a per-country feed, when currency-conversion is
enabled, is that the landing-page cannot be changed; if currency-conversion
is not used/disabled, then the website and the corresponding feed details
must both be changed, per target-country.


importantly perhaps, landing-pages must show identically, for all users,
regardless of any user-specific detail -- such as ip-addresses, browser,
user-agent, device, etc. -- and regardless of currency-conversion being
enabled or disabled.

some country-specific (feed) details must be changed -- especially
for any tax or shipping that is submitted or set within the account --

regardless of currency-conversion being enabled or disabled.

a separate feed must be registered and submitted per country --
all submitted data is then funneled into the linked ad-account.

note that when using currency-conversion, overall ad-performance will
typically reflect the more weak and ineffective nature of the feature.

to implement more robust country-specific targeting for shopping-ads
requires, sometimes time-consuming and extensive, changes to the

site and each feed must reflect those country-specific site changes.

currency-conversion does not require any such changes on the website; but
still requires a country-specific feed and corresponding shopping-campaign.


see also


Google Shopping campaign with Currency Conversion

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Hi Celebird, 


So I do have different product feeds marketing in GB and AU, just want to sell in different markets given the currency conversion tool (however have seen no/little impressions). How complicated would it be to create a suffix for currencies?


Eg, when marketing in GB in the URL add /?currency=GBP. Is this difficult to implement?