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Google Shopping Products Paused - how to re-enable?

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I recently added my Google Shopping products into categories. But, then I noticed that all of my products are paused. The campaign is enabled but when I look at the changes - it says that this product group is paused. I didn't do it and don't know how to turn it back on. Can anyone help?


Here is what I did:


I clicked on my ad group

then I clicked on each category

it showed me which products to add in that category

I added them

I did that for all of the categories and now I get very few impressions and, of course, barely any clicks. 


Thanks for any help!

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Google Shopping Products Paused - how to re-enable?

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Hi, Ted. In a shopping campaign you cannot pause a product group. Product groups are added or excluded from an ad group, in order to target them or to exclude them. But they cannot be added and paused.


You can, however, pause an ad group which contains one or more product groups and then these product groups will not show in shopping ads (if they're not targeted in another ad group or campaign).


If you do get impressions but barely any clicks, this means that your ads are showing, but maybe your bids are too low, your budget is too low or not many people are searching for your products.


Can you check, for your product groups, what is the Search Lost IS (Impression share) and how do your bids look compared to the Benchmark Max. CPC?


Hope it helps.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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