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Google Grant

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I have a Google Grant for my nonprofit and find it two overarching problems:


1. Most of my ads are disapproved or labeled site supspended, despite following the guidelines illustrated in the rules section. When I speak to customer service, they constantly do not know where the problem lives and simply asks me change a random part of the ad and click save. 


2. From my research, I have gathered nonprofits average a monthly budget of only $300 of their $10,000 grant funds. How can I increase exposure of my ads with only a $2 CPC? Looking for direction and technical tips.




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Google Grant

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Hi Simon,


Good questions!


1. As you have realized, if Google is saying that your site is suspended that's probably not going to be solved by tweaking your ad copy. What reason does Google give for the suspension? You should be able to tell by hovering over the speech bubble in the "Status" column on the Ads tab.


2. I've worked with a number of Google Grants accounts. I've seen accounts ranging from a few hundred dollars of spend per month to the full $10,000 per month, but I'm not surprised to hear that the average is around $300. Because you're limited to a $2 CPC the only good way to increase your exposure is to improve your Quality Score as much as possible. That means making your ads as relevant to the keywords as possible, making the ads compelling with strong calls-to-action so that you get a good CTR, using as many ad extensions as possible, and making sure that your landing pages load quickly, are easily navigable, and are extremely relevant to your ads and keywords. If there are lots of paid advertisers targeting the same keywords as your nonprofit it could be that you just won't be able to get much traffic, but I would definitely focus on improving your Quality Score just like you would for a regular AdWords account.


I hope that's helpful!




Re: Google Grant

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Hi John,

Appreciate your thoughtful response. I will mess around with trying to
increase the Quality Score. You asked what the suspension sites are, so
this is an example:

Below I copied/pasted our ad. It claims that our site is suspended--if you
go to it, it will run fine!

- Interest Rate is 9% to 15%
- Loans for Used Cars in RI
- Loan Term is 60 months.

What are your thoughts? This is by the most common error AdWords reports to
us on our ads!

Thanks, John.


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