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Google Feed ftp upload - cannot find my .txt on

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Hi Guys: 


Just trying to upload my first product feed to google; I've followed the instruction; however, when I upload the feed via ftp, I can't even find my feed. txt  - - -  while I try to click on the directory, no response at all. 


Anyone knows what is going on??? Or should I use our website's hosting instead using


Thank you very much for your help. 







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Google Feed ftp upload - cannot find my .txt on

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I've try to use our ftp




And google says 

Failed to locate file. Please make sure the file exists AND that your feed has permission to access it.


So frustrating.. . . 




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November 2016

Google Feed ftp upload - cannot find my .txt on

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ftp upload instructions are currently here:

the inventory product-feed file is uploaded (put) to google --
then, and the merchant-center registered feed will show a
change to the last-upload-date and status, after the ftp.

to upload the file -- simply ftp to:
navigate to the local directory (folder) where the feed
file is located, select the .txt file, and issue an ftp put.


upload the file and then immediately check the merchant-center-account --

the last-upload-date and feed status should change within an hour or so.

be certain that the .txt file-name uploaded exactly matches

the .txt data-feed file-name that was previously registered,

using the merchant-center-account:

be certain there is only one, single, feed registered for the target-country --
use the same exact file (name) for any and all uploads, including any and

all additions, changes, deletions, or re-submits.

note that there will be no interaction on the google-server-side --

there will be no way to view the file on any of google's machines --
the file will simply disappear into the merchant-center and the
number of bytes uploaded will be displayed on the local client.

the only other indication that an ftp was successful or not, will be
if the last-upload-date and status changes for the registered feed,
under the products-feeds-tab of the merchant-center-account:

the products-list-tab should also show updates to individual inventory items:

note that an ftp-upload (put) of the feed, to google,
has nothing whatever to do with a scheduled-fetch --
a scheduled-fetch is entirely different and requires

remote-access to the file, but not necessarily ftp;

http/https are usually best for a scheduled-fetch;

for a scheduled-fetch, google gets the feed-file.

see also