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Google Bots clicking my ads

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I am getting daily visits from a google bot from the ip addresses '' or very similar set of ip ranges.


The issue i have is that the google bot isnt directly going to my domain name, but it is actually visiting my domain by by going through my high cost keywords which i am getting charged for??!


Does anyone know what the hell is going on here as why should i be charged for auto bot clicks from google by them going through high costing keywords

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Google Bots clicking my ads

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Hi @Paul J,


Use this help file.

Troubleshooting invalid clicks

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Google Bots clicking my ads

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Hi Paul,


Invalid clicks from bots and competitors are a common problem. Google's system automatically deals with a lot of them, but it's not instant. It can take a few hours or more for them to be caught by Google's net so to speak. Once they are classed as invalid these will get automatically refunded to you. So you aren't charged for them.


If you are still seeing clicks that you know are invalid (very high CTR, the same IP etc) that aren't getting filtered get in touch with Google.


If you are spending a lot on your ads and this is an on-going problem, you may want to look into other tools like ClickCease and ask for special attention for your account from the Google fraud team. 


Hope this helps.

Re: Google Bots clicking my ads

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The clicks i am receiving are not from competitors, they are actually coming from google themselves.


If you do a ip lookup on the ip address in my earlier message you'll see the ip address is leased to google.


So why would google be visiting my ads by routing through clicking my keyword(s)? Isnt this unethical?


I cannot ban the range of ip addresses coming from google as the last digits constantly change, making it impossible for these clicks to be prevented

Google Bots clicking my ads

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Check your billing. Clicks from Google do not accrue charges.

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