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Google Analytics Access Refused Because of Linked Adwords Account

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I have a new client that I’m trying to help regain access to their Google Analytics account.


They've successfully uploaded a text file to the domain, but in the process, it was discovered that the Analytics account is linked to an AdWords account.


The AdWords account was handled by an agency that is no longer in business. The client is totally unable to provide any details about the credit card, billing address, keywords, display URLs, etc.


We'd made a case to Google that the old company doesn't exist anymore, and it was escalated - but ultimately denied.


This is devastating. We can prove via the text file that the client manages the domain that the analytics is deployed on, but we’re still not allowed to access GA data because of an ancient AdWords account linked to from a company that no longer exists, with a domain that isn’t live, and most likely AdWords/GA contact emails that no longer exist either.

Posting here to see if anyone else can help us out.... Thanks. Smiley Happy

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Re: Google Analytics Access Refused Because of Linked Adwords Account

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@Sarah M


when you say "their Analytics" account does that mean they owned the Google account it was associated with, or was that account owned by the agency in question?  A linked Adwords account is not going to prevent the actual owner of the account from accessing the account.  If the Google account in which the Analytics account was setup under belonged to the agency, there is really nothing you can do but start over with a new one. It doesn't matter that their Analytics code was on your client's website.

Re: Google Analytics Access Refused Because of Linked Adwords Account

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Hi @Sarah M as @David Kyle has said, linking to an AdWords Account won't prevent access to Analytics itself and if the client wasn't the owner of the Analytics account then there's really nothing you can do.


I'd advise that you open a new Analytics Account - with the client as the owner - and start collecting data, linking that to your AdWords Account (which, of course, should also have the client as the owner).  That way, regardless of the outcome of the original issue (and to be honest, I can't see it ending any differently from the current situation), at least you're starting to collect new data and can work from that in your new arrangement.



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Google Analytics Access Refused Because of Linked Adwords Account

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The UA# was for the client, not the agency.  Turns out, the client had their own email address with full admin access - they'd just simply forgotten what it was. 


What I ended up having to do was contact the owner of the old agency (had to hunt down contact info online).  I begged for help, and he kindly responded.  Seriously - sometimes the only way to get into a client's GA is to just ask for help from people you don't even know, but that you hope might be able to lend a hand.  Smiley Happy 


The frustrating thing here is that when we finally got access to the AdWords account that was allegedly linked to the same GA UA#... IT WASN'T LINKED.  There was an AdWords account, but it hadn't been active in years, but it wasn't even linked to the GA account we wanted access to. 

So bizarre.

So then we got in touch with Google Support again, demonstrated we had AdWords access to the dang account, and their admin team *finally* granted us access to Google Analytics.

I've never been through anything like this in trying to help a client access their own analytics account.  I fail to understand why the fact that they had an AdWords account a long time ago (that was no longer even linked) would prevent Google's team from giving us access to a separate Google Analytics account, esp after site ownership was proved by placing the txt file on the site.

But I'm grateful that eventually Google admins were able to help us out, after we just kept at it.  Smiley Happy