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Google Adwords data inconsistency with Analytics

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Hi everyone, 


I'm hoping to understand what have happened in here because after reading many blogs and articles, browse for other related topics in forums, I couldn't find an answer to this specific and (to me) strange case. 


I explain my concern just for future references: 


The campaign has been paused for 2 months already. On Google Adwords the data is consistent at an Adgroup Level. No clicks were recorded at Campaign nor Adgroup Level. 


Adwords AdGroup LevelAdwords AdGroup LevelAdwords Campaign LevelAdwords Campaign Level

However, when switching to Google Analytics --> Acquisition --> Paid Search Traffic 



I can see that some 3 sessions were recorded when Google Adwords was not enabled.


I am aware of the differences between sessions and clicks on Google Analytics in terms of collecting data:


But are these sessions real? Is it fake traffic? Perhaps bots? Perhaps users that bookmarked my Google Adwords ad long time ago and now return to this site? 


It may be silly to bother about just 3 sessions, but I'm curious about this data inconsistency. 


Any help is appreciated, 



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December 2016

Google Adwords data inconsistency with Analytics

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"Paid Search" could be more than just AdWords, depending on how the channel reports are setup.


These are most likely returning visitors. Select user type for the secondary dimension, under users.


Analytics can track the source of a visit for up two years depending on the duration settings. The bottom line is you didn't pay anything for the visits.


Google Adwords data inconsistency with Analytics

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AdWords counts clicks (and conversions) on the day the click occurred.


Analytics counts the day of the visit/conversion, not the ad click.


So if this was conversions you were looking at this is quite common - click on one day, conversion on another day.


But for visits, I can only guess that it was a browser tab left open that they reloaded. 

Google Adwords data inconsistency with Analytics

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Thanks for your contribution, nice explanation. 

Google Adwords data inconsistency with Analytics

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Thank you for your answer, conversion tracking wasn't yet installed. But you clarify my question so far.