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Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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Hello Adwords Forum Users.


I am in need of desperate help.


Yesterday i logged onto my adwords to increase my spend when i realised that my adwords account had been suspended, I check the disaproved ads and I edited the capitalisation in one ad and the other was for "Circumventing Systems"


I have just realised what this means when i checked my website to find that it had been hacked and a redirect had been put on my site.


I contacted my hosting company who have now solved the issue and i am now trying to get my adwords account reinstated but this morning recieved a email to state that


Dear advertiser,

Thank you for your continued patience during this process. We’ve confirmed that your account is in violation of our AdWords policies. Since this decision is final, the account will not be reinstated. Please avoid creating additional AdWords accounts, as they will be subjected to the same suspension.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.




Does this mean that i can never use Adwords again, I am desperate as my small business pretty much relies on google adwords.


Any help would be gratefully received


Jordan Boon

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Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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This is one of most severe violation of the Policy. I am afraid that the decision is final and nothing which we can help with.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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Hi there,


Is there no way at all that i will be able to get my google adwords account reinstated, I am in desperate need here as this is my income.

My website was hacked, if i make my site fully secure and hire a company to do this would this make the opinion able to be reversed.


If i am able to remove the account that the site violation was for and only use adwords for the account that was not in violation of the policy would that be ok



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Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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attempting to remove/close a suspended account or creating other accounts

for the same advertiser/business-entity, most especially in response to any

suspension, are also violations of the policies, and usually also considered

attempts at circumventing-the-system -- so, not ok.

only one account, ever, is the general rule.

as an aside, an ad-account cannot be removed --
an ad-account can only be closed or re-opened.

unfortunately, some suspensions are simply permanent.


Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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The messages fr suspension are automated.Suspension sanctions are rarely lifted.

Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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See this does not make any sense to me. Google is willing to essentially give the finger to businesses who are TRYING TO PAY Google?   My shop has the same problem and I didnt intentionally "Circumventing systems policy" and I'm trying to fix it. So Adwords is basically a "you get one shot" type of project?   

Re: Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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Having the same issue. One day it was fine,... I got a new website address... So I updated that, and now I'm suspended. I'm guessing it was from changing the website address? Who knows... I tried to call and chat with people about it with Google and they won't give me any actual answers. Just that, well... it's suspended. sad day for you. 


Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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Hi There, 


Im trying to figure out why our account got suspended for Circumventing systems so we can address the issue immediately. Is there any information you can give me regarding google violations relating to DNS? I was told geo targeting with dns can give us a red flag from Google however my developers cant find that issue on our domain.


Please Help

Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum.

any information that google is willing to disclose or
any details with respect to a possible reinstatement
will be in the original suspension email from google.


otherwise, google may be contacted directly, to ask for

examples of what to fix -- assuming the violation-flag

has not been made permanent and a fix is possible or

may be considered.

generally, the website and landing-page must show the exact same content,
to all users, in all locations, at all times, regardless of any user-specific
detail, such as ip-address, device, browser detail, user-agent, a user's
physical location, etc.


however, circumventing-systems covers a much wider range of possible issues --
anything from attempting to misspell a trademark, to any action with a domain,
ad-account, etc., that hinders or obstructs any google policy check, in any way;

using dns to serve different content is certainly one of the more blatant examples.





Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems

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I want to give a advice... you need to start to work with Facebook. Google is very expensive and Google Banned the accounts very easily. You need to work with other source of traffic. 


Good job!