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Google Adwords Account

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My Dealership, along with several other Nation wide dealers under our powersports management group, were instructed to invest $5000 per month towards Google Adwords and spend as much time and energy as necessary to make optimal use of the service so proper analytics could be gathered with the hopes of raising the budget for 2016. 


I am new to using Google Adwords, as is my Dealership.  Our account was started sometime ago, with no training and minimal budgets as staff before me attempted to make the most of it on their own. When I came to the Dearlership, I was tasked with taking this account over and maximizing it to its fullest potential, based on the directives mentioned above. That being said, one of the first things I addressed with Erika was setting a cap on spending for the account. I specifically asked her “Can you set it up on your end so that we don’t exceed our $5000 monthly budget?”  I explained that I didn’t want to worry about accidentally exceeding the budget while I learned how the services worked (as it is very encompassing and detailed).  She quickly replied, “yes, no problem let me do this right quick” and then we moved on to our training topics. 


All this being considered, I moved forward over the next month and a half, with complete focus on learning how to set up campaigns, ad groups, keywords, etc. I have used training assistance multiple times over this timeframe to finally get the account set up to run ads as efficiently and effectively as possible. The training assistance has been thorough.

However, yesterday, I was wrapping up a few remaining questions on my account with my new account rep, Faiq.  I finally felt confident after his reassurance that my ads were all running as they should be and was ready to start tackling reallocating my budget so it was dispersed appropriately across the multiple campaigns running. This was the first time I had even looked at or addressed our budget since speaking with Erika on the 4th, as I all along was under the impression (based on the feedback given to me by Erika) that my account was set up so as not to exceed $5,000 per month.


Imagine my surprise when I looked and saw that for the first 2 weeks in October, my account was at $10,709!  I was quite shocked and didn’t understand how this was possible as I explained to Faiq that I had requested that Erika set my account budget (as mentioned before) and that she had informed me she had.  After much fumbling and several incompetent answers, Faiq then explained to me that this is not something that can be done, it is not an option that Google provides.  He looked in the notes and saw that Erika had set my daily budget for the campaign that we were working on at the time so as not to exceed the monthly budget  and suggested that it was simply a misunderstanding. While I understand that certainly may be the case, I must say the obligation to clarify would have been on behalf of Erika, not myself.


I made it very clear I was completely unfamiliar with the platform and she was literally walking me through everything one click at a time. When I expressly asked “Can you set it up on your end so that our account does not exceed $5000 per month?” If all she was doing was simply setting a daily budget for the campaign to reflect that, knowing that changes made to the account would very well allow for higher expenses to be incurred, this should have been made clear. Perhaps she didn’t pay attention to what I was asking her. Perhaps she misunderstood. But as a consumer, I expressly asked if my account manager could set up my account to ensure our monthly budget was not exceeded while I learned the product. It wasn’t until a month and a half later, and $6,000+ over my budget, that I was informed this was not possible.


As if the situation wasn’t frustrating enough, at the discovery of this error, I immediately requested to speak to a supervisor. I of course was told there wasn’t one available. (As someone who works in PR, I must say, not only do I know there is ALWAYS a supervisor around, I know that it is a terrible customer service move not to provide one when you have a customer who feels they cannot solve a problem with the employee they have been working with.)  I was reassured by Faiq that a supervisor would call me back before the end of the day. No One Called. Today, I have emailed the supervisor Chris <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> twice and have no response. I have called Faiq 3 times, and have no response. I must say, I feel not only dismissed, but swindled.


Not only did the account go over budget, but I have no ROI for it. My traffic counter for the store is down 10,000 people from the previous month with almost 3x’s the Google Investment and I am down 100+ unique clicks on my website.


I will be sending this letter to every person, email, online platform, bulletin post, social media site, etc until I not only get a response, but a sufficient one. I am appalled at how GOOGLE is handling this situation. If it is not rectified, I can assure all involved, not only will I use all my marketing abilities available to get the word out about my experience to the public, as well as to our large platform of Harley-Davidson community business partners (nationwide). I will  also make sure my report to RideNow Powersports is lengthy and oppositional towards using the service in the future, with a high recommendation we and other dealers under the group, spend our budget on other, more honest and transparent search platforms.


I cannot believe Google would dismiss such a situation with such flippant regard

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Re: Google Adwords Account

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Hi Jessica,

We can't discuss details of individual accounts on the forum, so please look out for an email from me so that I can follow up on this issue with you.


Re: Google Adwords Account

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Yep...all ive been doing is looking out for emails and phone calls.. it will be 48 hours and still haven't had a conversation with anyone on how we can fix this.