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Google Add Words

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Can someone please point us in the right direction,we have just up-dated our website and would like to use Ad words the problem we are having is when you type in our company name another twenty results appear,some with exactly the same name from all over the world.When we tried to explain to google adwords uk the problem we were having they put the phone down i was not rude a bit shocked they would turn away a customer, i just asked what could be done about it,we have a TM but E-mails to google have failed to do anything.

Does that mean that google adwords is not for us,we cant spend all that money for other company's to benefit from it.

Any guidance in this matter would be much appreciated.Thank You

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Re: Google Add Words

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Hey Raymond, how are things?

I'll try to comment somethings base on what you've told us.

Google forbids advertisers to use competitors name on their ad, but it's not against the rules to bid on competitors branded keywords. The thing here is to first identify your brand name origin. A lot of people use common words as their brand, giving Google no choice to do anything, since is a generic keyword that anyone can use. In case you do have a original name and registered one, you can fill a form for Trademark, proving for Google that you own that brand and you would have control on who could use it. This means that if you get approved, competitors won't be able to bid on your keywords anymore.

This page have everything you need to start and trademark form approval and a complaint investigation:

From past experience, if you're dealing with International campaigns I guess you'd need a register on the brand for each country you advertise. I'm not certain about that today, since it's been some time that I did that.

Google Adwords is definitely for you. If someone was rude to you, don't let the person behavior mess with your advertisement opportunity. Adwords definitely help you Smiley Happy

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Google Add Words

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Just the clarify Leandro's answer. If you submit the Trademark Complaint form (and your business name is trademarked), then other advertisers will not be able to use your trademark in the title or description lines of their ads. The AdWords system won't allow the ads to run.

However, anyone can bid on your trademark - Google does not restrict this.