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Getting hit by automated spam on adwords for SEO company

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Hi All,


Today i had a campaign running for my SEO company within my local city. I had 6 clicks and 5 enquiries ( 5 conversations ). After checking my email i did indeed have 5 leads however each of them was a typical automated spam telling me how they can get me PR10 links blabalbla spam.

Having a look in analytics I and the backend website tracking, I can see the spam bot came via google paid search. I know google is meant to have protection against this to some degree. I cant ban the IP address as each of them is different. Exact same content being submitted via a the enquiry form each time. Slightly different header being used to disguise itself as a real browser/pc and different ip address. Each IP address was a different subnet and they go back to different data centres.... This makes it impossible to track. Given the niche its $15.00 per click (average of 12) for those popular keywords. So wasted $50 on nothing but spam. 

I contacted google support and he was rude and was no help at all.


Anyone have any suggestions to stop this spam crap hitting our adwords accounts? Its illegal for a start but google even with proof dont seem to care (counting them as invalid clicks even with proof)

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Getting hit by automated spam on adwords for SEO company

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Hi Stuart,


Did you request a formal click investigation when you spoke with Google? If not, take a look at this link which should help you gather the required information to have Google investigate your issue:

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Rising Star, LinkedIn
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Getting hit by automated spam on adwords for SEO company

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Hi Jim, No he literally repeated himself over an over again stating google cannot do anything about this. Its probably the same customer from a different computer. He literally spoke over the top of me when i was trying to explain and said thanks for calling google adwords have a good day and hung up. I was in shock.

Anyway thank you very much for your help. Ill try that link and if all else fails call back and hopefully get someone who takes their job seriously.