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Geo Targeting Multiple Countries - What should Campaign & Keyword strategy?

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We have a Yoga School in Goa, India and targeted users are from all over the world. 




For every country we should have a different campaign? and what should be the Geo targeting settings? As If I add USA & Exclude India?

What should be the keywords? When I select the keyword Yoga School Goa India (getting an error restricted by targeting)?



Geo Targeting Multiple Countries - What should Campaign & Keyword strategy?

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That is what engineers call "boiling the ocean" to advertise a small to medium scale business worldwide.  I recommend you decide upon the best countries to advertise with PPC, say 3 to 6, and get your campaign working successfully (profitably) with those first, and THEN selectively try adding other countries while measuring the results. 


Even better, run it in India and one other country, using two campaigns.  Get each campaign working successfully.  Then carefully start adding similar campaigns targeting other countries, or groups of countries.  Usually it is best to target a campaign at one country, or very similar group of countries which share a currency, language, and are close by in geography.  The campaigns tend to work better that way, can be optimized better because the markets for the keywords behave more coherently.  


Sometimes it works to target fairly large regions with one campaign, e.g. the Eurozone; or good swaths of South America and Asia.  But be careful about targeting too many countries with one modest-sized campaign; in my experience that usually leads to failure as optimizing those types of campaigns is like trying to "nail jello to a wall", to use a turn of phrase.  The reason is, the underlying market dynamics for the keywords is fractured.


As far as using the keyword "Yoga School Goa India", that is almost what we would call a "brand keyword" and is likely to be fairly light volume. A good percentage of those searchers may have your Yoga School in mind; or they may search with the name of your school.  


A better keyword for you would likely be "Yoga School India".  You will likely benefit from using it directly, as phrase match and exact match; but also experiment with modified broad match, e.g. +yoga +school +india and then watch what matches to it in the search terms, to find phrase and exact match keywords. 


This is a topic that books could be written about, so I'll leave my contribution at that.  There are many expert AdWords advertisers here who can also share their perspective.