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Same here. Bad treatment and abuse by their CSRs with Zero solution of a problem the Admit is theirs. It is Impossible to get in touch with anyone in charge with any power to fix things since it's all one big boiler room of CSRs.


I have an adword account with a $350 limit so it shuts down if the funds aren't there. A friend is advertising with it. Somehow it didn't shut down and went to $800 without her knowledge. She keeps calling - about 20 times - and they admit it was a mistake but don't fix it back to $350, so she can pay that and continue with the account. They are rude and hang up. Probably because they're Indian CSRs since Google has shipped its Entire Adwords CSR operation to a boiler room in India. <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> I am sure Google is losing female customers since this job-export and may wonder why. This just goes on and on with rude CSRs and no one will correct the problem they Admit was an error. Adwords now has ROTTEN customer service when it used to be good.

She put the limit on it since she sometimes runs low, is very busy and doesn't see their notices, and it's Supposed to shut off at the limit - but it didn't - even though that's the whole Purpose of the limit. It always shut off before, so it's some kind of new trick they're pulling. Google is becoming evil. She's a single mother and put the limit at what she could afford to pay. Google won't fix the problem even though they admit it and she just gets rude CSRs who hang up on her. She's afraid if she starts the account again they'll just take the money out of the bogus $800 she can't afford to pay - and to repeat - the limit is so you Don't go over a set amount. Otherwise why even offer it? That's if she can be understood at all since she says they're often unintelligible as well as rude.

She's tried talking to supervisors but they're all apparently in the same boiler room in India and you just get passed around. If they are supervisors, Google has given them ZERO power to fix anything. They admit there's a problem then lie and say they fixed it but didn't. Here's a quote from her:

"I would just pay the goddamn $900 if I had it!!! I hate talking to those people from India. They lie constantly. Like that supervisor said he understood that it was their mistake to keep charging me after the $350 cutoff and he would fix it. He never did. This was of course after the other guy promised it was reset at zero and that was a lie too!!!!" -Kymberlee


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Hi Jim,


I'm sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience. 


Our team has already cataloged your feedback through your post on our social media, and we have escalated this to the AdWords team member's supervisor.