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Fix a suspended account - Online Perfume Shop

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We have opened a new website to sell perfumes we own on our warehouse in Florida.

The account got suspended 2 days after the promotion was running and working.

Im getting the following error when im logging in to the google Adwords dashboard:


Your account is suspended - We've had to suspend your AdWords account because it contains major or repeated violations of our advertising policies. Learn more

I'm using regular ad text, and Shopping campaign.

The website address is: 


It's the 3rd time it happens to me. When calling their support no one answer, just a automated system that says that we got susspened and the ads will no longer run on Google.


Can you please help me find out how to fix this suspension? 



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Fix a suspended account - Online Perfume Shop

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Hi there;

Nothing can be done at this point. Major repeated  violations means: "3 strikes and out"


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Fix a suspended account - Online Perfume Shop

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If you're violating ad policies, you need to refer to Google's policy guidelines:


Make sure your ads don't have too many punctuations in the ad copy, like multiple exclamation points (limit to 1) or non-supported characters. Also check the landing page URLs to verify they're working. 

Fix a suspended account - Online Perfume Shop

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Opening a new account will not get you around a suspension.