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Fitment, part and model data in feeds

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What are Google's best practices for fitment/part/model data in Google Shopping feeds?


Auto parts, printer ink and toner, camera batteries, laptop batteries etc. are all examples of products where the product data is useless unless combined with fitment data.


The customer wants to see "xyz engine filter works with abc car" or "xyz laptop battery works with abc laptop".


Some sellers submit one product for every fitment variation, in effect one GTIN/UPC might have hundreds of individual listings in Google Shopping (and pages on their website). This helps the customer because they get to see the fitment data in the product title, however I don't believe it is what Google wants.


On the other hand, if you submit only one product per GTIN/UPC, which is probably what Google wants, how can customers find your product when they search for a fit/part/model that is not in the product title?


I note that with some searches Google is smart enough to present products that match, even when the fitment is not in the title. For example searching for "DCP-J4110DW ink" results in "LC-133" and "LC-137" inks showing up, which are both correct for that printer. Is that because the sellers have included the keyword "DCP-J4110DW" somewhere in the listing? If yes, where?.


There are other examples where that is not the case. Let's say that you want to sell this Sony NP-FH50 Battery and you submit it with the title "Sony NP-FH50 Battery" to Google Shopping. When the customer searches for "Sony NP-FH50 Battery" your product is displayed.


But when your customer searches for "Sony DCR-HC20 Battery" which is one of the cameras that it fits with, the same product is not shown.


The sellers that show up for "Sony DCR-HC20 Battery" have submitted a seperate product in their feed with that exact title. In my opinion this helps the customer because they see a title that matches what they're looking for.


My question is, does Google allow us to submit multiple products with the same GTIN value so that they can be displayed to customers searching by keyword?


If not, how can our products be found when the customer searches with part/model/fit keywords?

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Re: Fitment, part and model data in feeds

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generally, the same physical inventory product may be submitted or listed
only once -- or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval
or a suspension from the program, at any time.

google has a few policies specifically for compatible
products, and for ink related inventory in particular --

for example, most refilled printer ink products (e.g. cartridges) must
be submitted with a condition value of used -- used products may
usually be submitted as separate item-offers; e.g. if there are price
differences with separate landing-pages, as these are considered
unique physical items.

for example, compatible-products must be submitted with the
global-trade-data values as assigned by the manufacturer of
the exact (cartridge) item being sold -- not the manufacturer

who makes the original (printer or cartridge) product.

otherwise, compatibility/fitment information, including compatible
global-trade-data, may be added near the end of the description
attribute or within a custom-attribute.

potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google.

Re: Fitment, part and model data in feeds

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Hi Celebird,
Can you please send me a link to Google's policy around one listing per physical product?

You mentioned "otherwise, compatibility/fitment information, including compatible global-trade-data, may be added near the end of the description
attribute or within a custom-attribute."... does this mean what we add here will help with ranking for those words?