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Final URL Bulk Changes via Adwords Editor

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I just follow step by step the Google Adwords procedure to change the final URL on my ads and when I post it, I lost my historical data. Is there anyway to recover it?



Trusting the Google procedures is this the result Smiley Happy. Now what?!


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Final URL Bulk Changes via Adwords Editor

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Hi @João M,


Have you opted the post url upgrades from the drop-down?


Once you overwrite the ads, you can not recover the historical data.

If you have not posted the recent changes done by AdWords editor to AdWords UI then only you can recover.

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Final URL Bulk Changes via Adwords Editor

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as I told before, i followed the adwords tutorial, but the the editor didn't post the url changes.

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Final URL Bulk Changes via Adwords Editor

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"Post URL upgrades" special case is used "when adding final URLs to existing ads" (emphasis mine) - ads that didn't have them before. In other words, it's for upgrading from legacy destination URL to final URL (hence the name).


This is an exception to the rule. Most other changes to an ad (apart from pausing and re-enabling, or adding and removing labels) end up wiping out stats. In reality, ads are immutable, and cannot be changed. When you "edit" an ad, what really happens is the existing ad is removed and a new one is created with your edits; it's a bit of smoke and mirrors. You can see those removed ads in the online interface (but not in Editor) by switching the drop-down at the top of Ads tab to "All ads" (other options are "All enabled" or "All but removed") - those removed ads still show stats they accumulated while they were alive and serving.


This is how AdWords works, Editor is just the messenger.