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Email address already has access to AdWords account: login problems

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Due to being signed in to several different Chrome logins at once, I've inadvertently signed up my individual work email address for an AdWords account (I didn't realise I was doing it at the time). When prompted to continue with account setup, I realised my mistake. I didn't set up the account, list "my website", or set up any campaigns with this account linked to my individual email address


I then moved to my company login to give myself permission to access our AdWords account from my individual email address, and added myself as an Admin from the company account. It sent the usual verification link, and then my troubles started.


When trying to verify my access to the company account, I was told "this email address already has access to an AdWords account", and was prompted to use a temporary access with the same password. I tried this, and failed, to get the same message. For a couple of minutes, I got stuck in a loop that asked me to log in, use a temporary email address, log in, sign up, use a different address, constantly getting the message that "This email address already has access to an AdWords account". 


Currently, I can't access either the company account with my email address, or "my" AdWords account, meaning that I can't delete the account I accidentally set up and proceed as if that accident never happened.


I've read through a number of help queries, but none of them seem to tackle this specific problem. My first question is: can I access the account I accidentally set up, and disassociate my email address from it? I never run accounts with this email address, it's always be done from the company account. 


If that's not possible because of the "one email account per AdWords account" policy, will signing up for an MCC account allow me to bypass all of these access problems, letting me run campaigns from the company account using the email address that has "my" account attached to it?


Or should I just try to contact Google directly and ask them to delete my first account?


All thoughts would be much appreciated! 

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Re: Email address already has access to AdWords account: login problem

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Hi there,


Unlinking an email address from AdWords is possible only when you introduce another email address into the account. Here's a nice article on this issue you can follow. In this case, I'd suggest following steps in the article to get your email address unlinked (and give access to your original account) or use a different email address altogether.


Edit: Creating an MCC can help (though not ideal) provided you're able to grant access by signing in as admin.


Are you able to log in to your original AdWords account the way you used to, before this conflict?




Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Email address already has access to AdWords account: login problem

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Ah, thank you! I will try doing this shortly.

I am able to sign in to the original account using the company account email address, yes. Hopefully the steps to which you have linked will help me untangle my accounts.

Re: Email address already has access to AdWords account: login problem

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Try using a different browser for each log in and be sure about what you have to do in which account - makes it less complicated.

Feel free to write back!
Sumanth Sridhar