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Email about an outstanding balance on an cancelled account

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I received an email 6-week’s ago stating I had an outstanding balance on a cancelled account amounting to $112. He email didn’t include an identifier of what account the charge was associated with nor did it provide me with an option to pay the balance or even instructions on how to do so. I immediately called the Google Adwords support number. After speaking with 6 different people in that same day, finally I was told a supervisor would contact me for further assistance. Well that never happened. I have a manager account and in an attempt to check my client’s accounts I noticed that one account’s billing page will not load. The next day, when I eventually had to call the support number again after never receiving a call from a supervisor, I informed the support person of this development. Since then I’ve spoken with 25+ different people. Not a single person can tell me what “cancelled account” the outstanding balance is associated with or, more importantly, how to pay it so I can run my business. I call in EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every single time, I have to explain the issue over again. Every single time, I sit on the phone as they try to solve the issue. Every single time, the call ends with the rep promising me that I’ll receive a call from a supervisor within 24-hours. I’m now going to loose a client because this issue has persisted for over a month. Since the beginning, all of my ads have been shut off, with no ability to run them on my end. What do I do? How do I get ahold of someone who can tell me what the heck is going on and how to resolve it. 

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Email about an outstanding balance on an cancelled account

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I definitely understand. It is frustrating and annoying. Yet, we have no access to the account and can't investigate billing issues.


Keep trying.... Sorry

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