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Earned views not showing in adwords

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earned views are not coming onto my adwords account,everything is correct in the account,channel linked I have 1 million views also. However checked with adwords support they asked me to un tick the box which says " disable interest based ads" in advanced tab of my youtube channel.
Please tell me the reason for it.

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Earned views not showing in adwords

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your question.


In regards, there may be differences in data between AdWords and YouTube. For instance, we can't guarantee that the views you're billed for and your YouTube view count will be equal. One common cause when looking at periodic view counts is that YouTube aggregates period statistics based on Pacific Time whereas AdWords aggregates period statistics based on the advertiser-defined time zone. However, discrepancies do arise, and we attempt to keep the cumulative numbers approximately equal. While you may be billed for an appropriate amount of engaged views, some of those views were not eligible for YouTube view counts.


In addition, a video you've hosted on YouTube may be found in Google or YouTube search results. If viewers click on this video through free search results and interact with the video, you won't be charged for a video view or the viewer's interactions. These interactions will not be included in the video performance metrics within AdWords, thus causing differences in video view totals.


As for "disabling interest based ads," we'd need more context about your support interaction to understand why this option may have been selected; however, to learn more about the feature I'd recommend reviewing this link.


I hope this helps.





Earned views not showing in adwords

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I am sorry but it seems its not the correct answer for what he asked for. I think he is advertising in Adwords account for a youtube channel he may be can see the view from paid but he cant see any earning views that he is getting after the advert. So i think the reason may be that your adwords account is not connected to youtube channel? Check on that. Thanks 

Earned views not showing in adwords

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