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Dual Payments Billing Issue and Poor Customer Service

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PLEASE can somebody at Google advise how I can get back in touch with one of your representatives regarding the 3 random payments taken from our account in 2014, 2016 and 2017 seemingly for Google Adwords amounting to over £1300.

I first highlighted this to Google back in May 2017, as requested I provided bank statements showing the problem which your representative acknowledged and escalated:

"We have received your email with screenshots and thus escalated this case to our billing team. I would like to inform you that after further investigation we found that the dual payments in each month you are referring to were not charged by Adwords.
However, We would like to know if you are using any other Google Services such as Google Apps or Gsuite? Request you to please confirm from your end if you are using any other google service apart from Google Adwords so that your issue can be resolved."

"The only services we use are adwords, adsense and merchant account (google products/froogle).
We don’t use Google Apps or Gsuite."

Two of the payments match the amount that was taken from Google Adwords in the same month which seems quite a conincidence that the Google Adwords department said the second payments weren't taken from Google Adwords, please prove me wrong, please can you resolve so I can put this to bed.

I answered every further question asked including the last question asked on 01/06/17:

"It has been a pleasure to assist you with the query you had regarding your billing for google AdWords. After investigation we have seen the dates where you were charged by Google. If you could help us with the card type and last four digits of your card for the payments you mentioned, so that it would be helpful for me to get you resolve the issue."

For months I have been chasing for an update without any reply, at the start of 2018 I have tried submitting a new problem request through the Adwords problem with billing submit form as well as replying to previous email and trying a new email all of which I have not received a response. I am now trying here in a hope that this can be resolved.

I am a small business owner who has wasted hours trying to resolve this! Not to mention the seemingly £1300+ my business appears to be out of pocket.

Please advise?

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Dual Payments Billing Issue and Poor Customer Service

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this is mainly a peer-to-peer public forum --
google tends never to discuss account-specific
or private billing issues in the public forums.

for billing issues related to advertising, google may be contacted here:

the best likely course is to continue working directly with google and
possibly also contact the bank/institution that issued the credit-card.

typically, a charge for advertising will include the
10-digit ad-account's customer-id on the card --



the poor-customer-server may also be reported to google:

see also