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Double Serving Policy - Multiple Campaigns - Confusion

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Hi everyone, I want to make sure I'm not at risk of violating any Double Serving Policies but a friend told me that I might be (however, he didn't see my Adwords, just from what I told him).


I own two businesses with two domains that I run campaigns for. I have 7 campaigns all together for these two domains.


Domain 1

1. Call-Only Campaign

2. Brand Name Campaign

3. Mobile Campaign


Domain 2 has the same thing, except I have a fourth campaign that kicks in for overnight when the other campaigns pause.


I've had this running since 2008, I've never seen any of my ads appear twice anywhere. The only reason I've had this set up this way is because of budgeting, and it looks like I can't set budgets per individual adgroups and that's a real issue for me since certain campaigns of mine can get very pricey when there is lots of traffic and I can't afford that.


Google has never approached me on this issue, or shown me any warnings at all. Nor have I received complaints from anyone online or any of my competitors. Should I be worried?

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Double Serving Policy - Multiple Campaigns - Confusion

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Additional info:


None of the campaigns share the same keywords. Furthermore, all keywords in my brand name campaign are excluded from both my call-only and mobile, as I found it a lot more cost effective to have it there. Thank you all for your help and advice in advance. This is my first time posting on here but I've lurked these forums frequently and only have found great posts and helpful comments.

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Double Serving Policy - Multiple Campaigns - Confusion

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Hi there,


If you only have one AdWords account, you can't double serve. Even if you had the same keywords in multiple campaigns, only one of your ads will ever show in each search result.


The policy is primarily aimed at people who have multiple accounts and multiple domains with the same content. 


Fun fact: if 2 different accounts promote the same website (same URL), still only one ad will show in the results.


Double Serving Policy - Multiple Campaigns - Confusion

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As long as you follow the basic rule, one business ---> one AdWords account no issue will be raised. A violation could happen once you use multiple accounts to promote the same service  / product to the same audience (e.g. Uses different accounts to promote a product within the same Geo region)

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Double Serving Policy - Multiple Campaigns - Confusion

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Thank you both so much! That's what I thought. I highly doubted Google would ban my sites out the blue when I've only ever opened one Adwords account.