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Do I have to write an ad before I can access keyword planner?

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I am trying to open an adwords account but it seems like I have to write an ad and supply keywords without accessing the keyword planner. Is this correct? How do I access the keyword planner?

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October 2016

Do I have to write an ad before I can access keyword planner?

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Hi @Kathy L,


In order to access keyword planner, you will need to go through the account creation process first and input billing information. You do not need to have an active campaign in order to use the keyword planner, but you do need to complete that account set-up process before going to: Tools > Keyword Planner Tool (in the upper menu bar.


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Do I have to write an ad before I can access keyword planner?

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Hi @Kathy L,


Try clearing your cookies and your cache and see if that resolves the issue. If not, it's probably because Google requires you to have an AdWords Account to access the tool with some basic information.


Even though, you are signed in to your Google AdWords account, in order to use Keyword Planner Tool, you need to fill in the following details at-least,


1. Choose your email 
2. Country
3. Time Zone
4. Currency


Once you have filled it, you will have access to Keyword Planner Tool. For additional reference, I have attached a screenshot here.



 Once you submitted above information, a welcome screen will be there. Next to Google AdWords Logo, all most at the last of the menu, you can find "Tools", and select "Keyword Planner" there. Hope this will help!



Syed Sayem Mustafa