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Display planner gives an error

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My display planner is not functioning correctly.

I was doing a test and planning a campaign so I can see the figures and budget and bids, it works,

however when it came to presenting it to my company head. 

display planner did not function, gave an error, 

closed browser, clear cache - relogin into the account.

all the values were wrong

historical bid previously was like $2 ~$3

now its like $0~$1.5


now I look like I am making up historical numbers for adwords.

looked online for solution - new Chrome has NO ADBLOCK plugin menu

I have no idea what to tell IT dept to look for in the firewall....


My presentation has just gone south, crashed and burn...


Please help help help help help

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Display planner gives an error

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The data provided by the display planner is an estimate. This estimate could have a broad margin of error (which google does not disclose). And indeed the real campaign data could be shifted from the estimate of the display planner..

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Display planner gives an error

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if one value changes its still fine....

but if you see the value of all display keywords on the page change to just $0~$1.50

its like someone just reset the whole page of bid estimates....


then you have the budget estimator/planner at the side that when you select the word/group,  - you set bid vCPM at eg. $4.50.... total weekly budget reads... $4.20 .... (=_=)" Not good if you have a board of directors staring at you ....