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Display network ads not running

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I have two remarketing campaigns running in Adwords, which I set live at the beginning of last week - and they did run at first. However, without me making any changes they appear to have stopped running - so there is no spend but the campaigns are listed as eligible, the end date isn't until the end of the week and there is budget available. 


Does anyone have any ideas on things I could check/what else it could be that could have caused the campaigns to stop running, as I can't seem to get them live again.

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Display network ads not running

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Hey Emily,

Your issue could be caused by frequency capping. This feature limits the number of times your ads appear to the same person. If your remarketing lists are static or growing slowly then a low frequency cap could prevent ads from showing after a certain amount of time.

For example, say your display remarketing campaigns launched with a frequency cap of 5 impressions per month. This means that after each user in the list has seen the ad 5 times they will stop seeing ads until the next month. I would recommend checking this setting and updating it if needed - instructions here:

One other possible solution would be to raise your bids. Google may determine that your bids are too low after the initial ad performance and data is analyzed.

Hope this helps,
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Display network ads not running

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Assuming that the campaign was properly set and the re-marketing list is active, and no frequency cap (as already mentioned by Jim), - the most common reasons are that you don't have all banner sizes (and once you win an ad slot, there is no banner to show) OR you bid too low. My guess - the latter.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Display network ads not running

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Hi Jim,


Thanks for this but I checked it out and I don't have any frequency caps set in the account. I also raised my bids and max budget significantly to check if it's that but still nothing. 

Is there anything else it could possibly be? 

Thanks again,