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Discrepancy between revenue reported in AdWords and offline conversion data

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I use offline conversions to feed the revenue data into my clients AdWords account. This is the only conversion action in the account that has a conversion value.
Problem is that for one account I have, the number of 'offline conversions' being reported in AdWords interface is 5% higher than actually exists in the Excel data file. The revenue reported in AdWords is anywhere between 14-17% higher than what is actually given in the Excel file.
I have another account that uses the same system for tracking revenue (different client, website, etc), but the difference between the Excel file and AdWords is negligible.
I've had this problem before with AdWords back in April 2016, but in this case AdWords was doubling up on the conversion data, which meant that revenue was twice what it should be! AdWords support did get back to me and reported that the engineering team has fixed the error within their system.
I wonder if the discrepancy I'm experiencing now is caused by a similar error, albeit on a smaller scale.
AdWords support don't seem to fully understand the problem. They keep on repeating 'its an attribution problem stemming from your third party reporting software'. Cookie cutter answers that just don't make sense.
Does anyone know why the AdWords interface would show a higher numbers of leads and conversion values than what is actually given in the Excel files it bases these values on?
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Discrepancy between revenue reported in AdWords and offline conversion data

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Revenue: Sometimes this type of problem is due to Analytics reporting in USD by default. If you are not in the USA, and your local currency converts at like 1.15 or 0.85 to the USD, then that would be my guess.


Number of conversions: Makes no sense for them not to be equal. In the campaigns tab choose Segment > Conversions > Conversion Name and see if there are any that haven't been imported. Perhaps calls from ads?