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Disapproved ads. Can google staff override the bot?

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So I've implemented the tips on here and I still get items disapproved. For example, I still get the watermark and promoting text on images violation when in fact the logo or text is part of the design (attached example). I did follow the ID tag some have mentioned on here but still after waiting week, same thing. 


If I call google (which is usually is a hit or miss for me), can they override all similar type of items that are getting disapproved? (i'm guessing the bot or crawler is snagging these automatically) And I'm guessing they are having closer eye since few items were in fact



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Disapproved ads. Can google staff override the bot?

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be certain valid pattern and item_group_id attributes
are being submitted, for all variants of the product --
item_group_id is related to variants, such as the same

items but with a different logo/pattern, not categories.

be certain that the specific variant product item --
with the specific pattern/team-logo -- is currently in
physical on-hand stock and not drop-shipped or similar.

be certain that the image meets all other google policies for product images.

otherwise, google is the final arbiter of all policies --
if the automated-systems are flagging items with team

logos, about the only option is to contact google directly.


this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum --
only a person at google can decide if their
automated systems will be overridden or not.


Disapproved ads. Can google staff override the bot?

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Is there bit of example what you mean by item_group_id attributes.... so i use excel sometimes to bulk edit my products and so basically I add "item_group_id attributes" in top column (cut and pate exactly how you typed) and then what do i put in (let say for example the falcons wallet I put there)


and you mentioned


valid pattern...   


So let say i have 7k items that have the "watermark promoted text" violation but they are not watermarked and part of the design.. I'm guessing I have to edit all of these.. Whoa..  Even finding the data for these will take quite long.  Maybe i need to go facebook ads

Disapproved ads. Can google staff override the bot?

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pattern (column) contains a team-logo-name; e.g.

item_group_id (column) contains a parent-sku for each set of variants; e.g.

the best likely course is to review google's existing documentation on
the pattern, color, and item_group_id, attributes and how to properly
submit product variants -- also, contacting shopify-support directly
for more specific help and guidance.

if images with team-logos continue to be flagged,
only someone at google could resolve that issue.