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Disapproved Ads

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Why would Google approve some of my ads and disapprove some even though they all go to the same URL and are basically worded the same way? 


It keeps telling me that the Destination URL is not working and when I try to resubmit it, it remains disapproved. 





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December 2016

Disapproved Ads

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Hi @Amolliah R,


Each ad goes through its own review process, which can use different Adbots and/or Google servers to do so. If you know for certain that the landing page URL is correct (copy and paste the exact URL from your ad into a web browser and verify), then it would have to do to accessibility of your website or a technical glitch on AdWords part. It is not very typical for a technical glitch to happen, so you should first assume it is an accessibility issue from a Google Adbot. 


Google AdWords actually needs to be able to access your landing page URL from anywhere in the world, which some websites have country-level IP blocking or some other website hosting setup that can block traffic from one area and allow access from another. When this happens, a check of your URL at 8:00 am will go through from location A, yet a check of your URL at 5:00 pm from location B will get blocked. As soon as a block happens, the ad is disapproved and the alert is triggered to the admin of the AdWords account. 


Another thing that can happen is that bandwidth limits with a hosting package can throttle traffic and throw up a blank/generic page when the traffic limit is exceeded. If this happens, AdWords is blocked from accessing the landing page URL (destination URL) of your ads, which is not allowed. And a hosting company that is not very reliable or that hosts hundreds of websites on a shared IP address (or shared resources) can cause your website to go online and offline randomly, which also blocks Google AdWords from accessing your landing page URL.


You should contact your website hosting provider and make sure you are using a a hosting package that is always up. You want 99.93% uptime reliability. This means it is rarely offline, if ever. And you want to make sure there are no location blocks for your website. Google needs to access your website from Sweden, United States, India, Ireland, Japan... on and on we go.


Kind Regards,



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Disapproved Ads

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Thanks J Clemens!