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Destination URL

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Hi guys,


I´m new on Adwords...

Where can i change the destination url, the url where I want to send the traffic to, after they clic my ad???

can´t find that option Smiley Sad


Thank you all



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Re: Destination URL

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Hi Bold T,

This option is not available with the new expanded ad formats. You enter the final URL, and the display URL will automatically be derived from it.

There are two new "paths"which you can use to add to the end of the URL that is displayed in the ad.

More info here:

Re: Destination URL

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Thanks Rob

At this moment when someone clicked my ad it´s redirected to:

I wanted to redirect them to:

Beacuse in this url its where I have what I´m promoting on the ads.

Can i make this change??

Re: Destination URL

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Hi @Bold T,

I just responded to your other post, but you've provided a bit more information here so I'll add:

Yes, you can make this change! Every ad can link to a different landing page on your website and it's a good thing. You want your ad to link to the most relevant landing page on your website. Your keywords are given a Quality Score which is partly based on the Landing Page Experience.

So in this case, I would recommend your ads for resistance bands link to

Similarly, if you have ads for another product such as skipping ropes, they should link to your landing page for that product, and so on.

To make this change, simply select the ad for the resistance bands and edit the URL to the more specific URL.

For more information on Google's Landing Page Experience, see here:

For step-by-step instructions on how to edit your ads, see here:

Best of luck,