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Delicate Merchant Account Transition....

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We currently use Adwords to promote our store.


We have used Shopping in the past and want to again.


At one point we decided to setup 3 merchant accounts to 3 new

stores that were not ready to go live. 


We knew that stores must be compliant before campaigns

activate. We did not realize they needed to be compliant when

the account is created.


We also did not realize the policies regarding multiple accounts

and they were all suspended.


We then attempted to setup another account and of course it

went suspended.


I realized I was doing things wrong and decided to just reactivate

my original account and not bother with the multiple stores....


Yes...a few days in, it was suspended too.


We turned to a Google Partner Agency for help.


They setup accounts and managed Shopping campaigns for us

for the last 2 months. 


We will now take over the accounts ourselves.


This brings me to my question;


What is the best way to do this transition without getting this new Agency

created account suspended when we take it over?


Here is some more important information:


1. We currently have an account with an adwords campaign promoting our store.

    We ran ads during the past 2 months only when the Agency was not running ads

    since we are promoting the same store and we know there cannot be 2 active accounts

    promoting the same store.


2. Our new store and new URL has never been linked with the suspended accounts.


3. The billing information that we will use when we take over from the agency has never been

    used in the suspended accounts.


We want to do this right. Thanks!



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Re: Delicate Merchant Account Transition....

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the best likely course would be to contact google directly for guidance.

forum-members would not have access to the
website and account background and histories
to properly assess the potential issues involved.

usually, the original website and account must be
fixed before a reinstatement will be considered.

importantly perhaps, if creating a different account, after a suspension, is
seen as an attempt to circumvent google's review process then, that would
be an abuse-of-the-ad-network and grounds for a permanent suspension.


Re: Delicate Merchant Account Transition....

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Thanks for the response!

When I initially dealt with this issue and called the customer service line,
I was eventually advised to simply open a new account. The Google Partner
Agency I worked with informed me that the information from that service
is not reliable which seems accurate considering that multiple accounts
are what caused this mess.

The old accounts were linked to stores that are no longer active. As in the
URL's do not direct to a store.

Is it possible to delete an account? In the past I have been told it is not
actually possible to fully delete an account.

Re: Delicate Merchant Account Transition....

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first, you're welcome.

that is an example of why contacting google directly is usually best --
forum-members do not have access to such account or support histories.

normally, only one account is needed or allowed per merchant/advertiser --
there are specific accounting, (country) domain, or budget conditions where
another account may be legitimately needed or advised; but almost never in
response to a suspension or any similar account-level issue.

for most issues, the original account with
the original website flagged must be fixed.

yes, generally, an account can either be
unlinked or canceled -- but not deleted.

see also