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Delete duplicate listings.

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We are a locally owned and operated business in Bend, Oregon.  Our Business name is Bend Battery but when you search for us, we do not show up in the listings.  Battery Systems of Bend has one fake listing and one duplicate of their actual store.  We have worked for two months and got the other 4 fake listings down but can't seem to get Google to take down the last duplicate and fake listing.  I send close to 50 feedbacks and edits a day on their page but to no avail.  Would spending money on AdWords make Google take down the fake listings of the corporation?  Would adding money to our account before calling them again make them take us seriously?  We really want to pay for Adwords but knowing a corporation with fake listings will show up before us no matter what, makes us weary of spending money.  All help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  We are trying to make an honest living but having a corporations dirty practices hold down is devastating. 

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Re: Delete duplicate listings.

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Hey Bend, how are things?

I'm not originally from U.S, but from what I understand the name of the company uses the name of region, correct?

Sometimes those fake listings can appear not due the query for your whole name "bend battery", but just for word "bend".

Anyhow, if you have the register of your brand inside U.S, you can ask Google to block any advertisers for promoting their business using your name. This page can help you with that:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Delete duplicate listings.

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generally, policy issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.

no , spending money on advertising would
not make google take down any fake map
or related local-business or organic listings.

spending money on advertising would also not
effect taking down any ads violating the policies.

map and organic results are unrelated to advertising --
spending money on advertising is unrelated to policy
reviews or reporting any policy related issues.


if these are ads violating the policies they may be reported here --

for local-business and map related issues --


see also!forum/business

Re: Delete duplicate listings.

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Some great answers already form @leandrofm@Celebird but I'd also say hey don't hold yourself down because you have a competitor...

Not everybody sees the same results when they search Google.
You may well be seeing the competitor that bothers you so much because you have probably clicked on their listing so many times that your version of Google has decided to show it higher for you.

it is a little amusing sometimes dealing with companies who actually think their competitors are doing better than they are because they search and click them so much.

These other guys won't always be ahead of you - buy an ad through ad words it is not going to be very expensive for your name and name similar terms in a specific geo location.

yes you can persevere with trying to get Google to answer you but they are huge and they have literally millions of issues like this to deal with - they are huge but they operate at a scale that is beyond even them to manage everything.

don't cut your nose of to spite your face get some ads going. get some SEO going for your site and map listing, get some videos done and seo those, run ads to the lot - grow your business despite a single listing you don't like - don't get hung up.


there is an absolute wealth of advice available in this forum from people running dozens/ hundreds + successful campaigns in a variety of highly competitive industries and you can tap into all of it for free thanks to Google and the community spirit fostered here - so get on with it and make use of this awesome resource .

lets' be positive and control what we can control!

Good Luck.


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