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Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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I have a custom feed that'll be used for dynamic remarketing. The data is obtained from a Google Spreadsheet. The file is linked and edit permissions is given to the Google email required (also tried view permissions). Whenever I get a feed update, the upload history says:

Input error
File not found. Please check that your URL, name, and/or password are correct.
No changes

The spreadsheet shows in the "Scheduled uploads" tab. I'm lost.

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Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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I would try deleting the feed file, then re-connecting the Google Sheet as a feed. 


No need to disturb the Google Sheet itself, which contains the feed information.  Just delete the connection inside the Merchant Center, then reconnect.



Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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Did that and no change to the problem.

Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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Did you use the template provided by Google to create the spreadsheet; or carefully review your columns for compliance?  


Did you perhaps put a password on the Google Sheet?


Have you tested the url you are using?

Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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Yes, that template is used. The document current has the headers of:

ID, Item title, Item description, Price, Item Category, Final URL, Image URL

There is no password on it that I know of. Didn't even think this is possible.


Tested the URL as in I can access and view it under the appropriate account? Yes.

Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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I will ping @Celebird he is a super-expert on Google Shopping.  There are several others who frequent these forums, they will see this and probably figure it out. 


Just double-checking: you are using the same Google account to login to the Merchant Center, and the Google Sheet correct?


It does sound like some kind of access permission problem. hmm.

Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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Correct, same G account. Cheers

Re: Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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(1) if this is a custom-feed for the custom-business-type, then the
merchant-center is not involved and a merchant-center-account

should not be used, and cannot be used, at all.


if this is a custom-feed for the dynamic-remarketing custom-business-type,
then simply delete all related feeds within the merchant-center and use the
ad-account directly to submit the custom-feed, not the merchant-center --
simply follow the dynamic-remarketing instructions for submitting a feed

for the custom (other) business-type:


generally, first save the data into a .csv, .tsv, .xls, or xlsx file, then
upload that saved file to the ad-account's business-data section.


google-sheets cannot be used directly with a custom-feed --
first the data must be saved into a supported file (format) and
then uploaded, by hand, into the ad-account's business-data.


only dynamic-remarketing-for-retail (feeds) can use the merchant-center --
and is mainly a convenience for retail-merchants currently using shopping-ads.


(2) if this is a dynamic-remarketing-for-retail-feed then, first be certain that a
google-business-account is not being used; google-business-accounts cannot be
used to submit google-sheets unless configured by the business-account/g-suite
administrator -- not all account types can use the feature.


also, be certain the allow-button was pressed, during the pop-up authorization,
allowing google to both view-and-manage the spreadsheet and view-and-manage
documents on google-drive.


otherwise, try selecting 'edit spreadsheet', share -- to verify
that is listed
under the share-settings and has, at least, can-view access.


otherwise, a new sheet will likely need to be registered, possibly with the
existing sheet-data: first, under the products-feeds-tab, under fetch-errors,
check the drive://url then, navigate to, to look for:
Google Merchant Center feed -- registered-feed-name
verify that the shared-url has anyone-with-the url-access and the data
still exists; then, copy-and-paste that url into a browser-window with
incognito/private mode set -- to verify that sheet/url can be accessed
without logging-in to google; then, within the merchant-center-account,
register a new google-sheet, using that same sheet/docs/url and try a
fetch-now; if that works, be certain to delete any old feeds -- so only
one, single, registered feed is seen under the products-feeds-tab of
the merchant-center-account, for the target-country.


otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google directly --
forum-members cannot look into any accounts or google-sheets.


see also

Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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It is a dynamic remarketing feed where the spreadsheet is owned by a Google Business account. I am the G Business admin so have checked the options, but do not see anything that should be changed.

The only option I see, which is enabled, is the "Drive SDK": Allow users to access Google Drive with the Drive SDK API. Allow third party applications to work on the files stored in Google Drive.

Any idea what the configuration is? The required email has access to the spreadsheet.

I unfortunately lost you at "possibly with the existing sheet-data". Could you reword that paragraph? (If it's needed.)

Custom feed error for dynamic remarketing - file not found

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most all google-business-accounts simply cannot be used with the
merchant-center and google-sheets -- this has been a known-issue
for quite some time, with no time line for addressing the issue.

if this is for a custom-feed for dynamic-remarketing,
then simply do not use the merchant-center, at all --
rather, the feed *must* be uploaded directly into the
ad-account's business-data area.

if shopping-ads are already being used with the merchant-center then, simply
use the same exact feed and upload mechanism, that is currently being used
to submit data for shopping-ads, for the dynamic-remarketing-for-retail ads.

the "possibly with the existing sheet-data" paragraph was to allow the
same google-sheet/sheet-data to be used, by registering a new feed,
and linking to the existing sheet, so (just) authentication/permissions

could be redone; however, if a google-business-account is being used,

then this approach cannot be used and that paragraph is mostly moot.

mostly moot because, if there was a lot of data already entered, then

accessing the google-drive directly will allow access to the sheet-data,

even if the sheet cannot be used within the merchant-center.

given the facts so far, the choices likely are:
(a) use a custom-feed, business-data, for dynmaic-remarketing;
(b) use the existing shopping-ad product-feed, simply configure the ad-account;
(c) create a custom-feed using a google-sheet, save the sheet data as a .txt

tab-delimited file and upload the saved file manually -- preferably by using a

business-data custom-feed -- otherwise, create a product-feed and upload the

.txt tab-delimited file, to the merchant-center if shopping-ads will also be used;
(d) decide how inventory product-feed data for shopping-ads will be handled,
long-term, then use that same mechanism for dynamic-remarkeing-for-retail

(of course, other than using a google-sheet with a google-business-account);
(e) use a different google-account, that is not a google-business-account --
however, this approach has consequences for (linking) other google-services,

so is generally not recommended except for very new accounts.


otherwise, a support specialist a google may be contacted directly.