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Currency Changed

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Hi There,


Couple days ago I noticed my account was using only the $ for the currency which led me to believe it was in US dollars. However I'm 100% sure I have set my account for Australian Dollars.


After couple hours I refreshed my page and from no where it start showing A$ which is what I'm used to. So, I though it was just a glitch on the system. 


Today it is happening again. Everything is set to be in Australia, time zone, language and currency. 


But Now it looks like this:


Can you please advise why this is happening and why?


Thanks so much!


Re: Currency Changed

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This is a glitch I believe. Once the adwords account is created the timezone and the currency will not change - unless you have one of these $15mm a year accounts, the engineers at Google may (but even then probably not) do one favor to change this. These should not be interchangeable.