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Creating a Adwords Manager Account

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Once upon a time I created a google adwords account on my primary (personal) ID to use the keyword planner, never setup billing or actually used my personal email ID adwords account, neither did I use to to manage any other account. 


I'm dealing with multiple clients and I use multiple company IDs to manage them, which is a hassle. I want to create an Adwords manager account on my primary (personal) ID to bring them all together.


The setup gives me an error "This email address already has access to an AdWords account and cannot be reused."


To remedy this, I've cancelled the Adwords manager account on my primary (personal) ID, but I'm still getting the same error. Any way I can create the ID on my primary (personal) ID. 


Thanks in advance. 

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March 2017

Creating a Adwords Manager Account

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Hi @Murtaza A


I've experienced a similar issue in the past. I contacted Adwords support and they were able to help with it.

Phone, email, live chat and video chat options to contact may be available.


Essentially, yes - the email ID needs to be completely removed/disassociated with any Adwords account before it can be used for an MCC account. As far as I'm aware, this can't be done at your admin level and must be actioned by an Adwords support consultant.


It's likely they will request an email asking for the deletion in writing and should be able to walk you through this process.


Let us know how things go with the Adwords Support team and if you get the problem sorted out.


Re: Creating a Adwords Manager Account

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Thank you @Mark W I called support and the problem was solved within minutes, and we followed the same process you specified.

Creating a Adwords Manager Account

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Great, glad to hear you got it sorted out!