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Conversion counted for the same person twice

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This morning I noticed one of my AdWords account counted 2 conversions for 1 person submitting an inquiry from my company's landing page. Currently, our programmer has the conversion tracking code triggered only when a visitor completes a successful submission , so probably that visitor clicked on it more than once as a mistake or just to further confirm her inquiry got through. I suggested to our programmer maybe we should have the tracking code triggered when our auto-reply is sent to the visitor, but he thinks it may be one and the same. 


I think I read somewhere that google won't count these things if it is the same person, but I could be totally wrong. Could someone help me either prevent AdWords from charging us for this extra click, or help us figure out a way to prevent AdWords from counting the same user twice? Thanks. 

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September 2016

Conversion counted for the same person twice

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Hi Nancy,


In AdWords you can edit the conversion settings for each conversion action.


Go to Tools > Conversions and click on the name of the conversion. Then click on Edit Settings. Change Count from Every conversion to One conversion.


Unfortunately the default is Every and for the very common use of tracking form fills it is best to use One.


BTW, Google charges by the ad click, not conversions. You should've been only charged for one ad click, although if they click on a sitelink and then also the headline you could be charged twice.