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Completely Lost

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Hi Tim,


I've just discovered that I have 2 Business accounts that I "own or manage". The original (Published) ones are under the name "Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy (Fife)", whilst the new ones are under my actual name, David Stocks.

I've found the URL for the "Dalgety bay Hypnotherapy (Fife)":


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Re: Completely Lost

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Hi @Dalgety Bay H


This seems to be an Adwords Issue and I am going to transfer this forum post to Adwords.


These are the 2 business pages:


You then have quite a few personal profiles about also



I don't know if you are aware that you should not create separate business pages that deal with services of the main business. Which these seem be.


Your main business is Hypnotherapy  which weight loss is dealt with, but you created a business page for this:


So technically I think the weight loss one is a service of the main business.


Here would be your answer:  They both use the same tel number, how do you answer the telephone ?



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Re: Completely Lost

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Hi there;

Technically, it would be a violation to have two accounts for the same business entity;

But, a more prominent  issue is that IMHO this business (hypnotherapy) cannot be promoted on Google. (Search the Community for hypnosis

So, my first advice would be to review the Policy;



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Completely Lost

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I'll need to check that out. Thanks

Completely Lost

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(Sorry for the delay Tim and Moshe - I'm not well.)

1/ I've deleted all of the (originally Google-generated) locations. I've only kept the one that already has some reviews.

2/ Tim, I don't see anything in the rules that disbars hypnotherapy. I know that, as a generally unregulated occupation, there are all sorts of claims made by some "therapists". However, I make it clear on my page that there can be no guarantees, no miraculous cures, etc. I am a Senior Associate (by invitation) of the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine, established in 1805. Its patron is HRH The Princess Royal. It also has a dedicated Hypnosis Section. I am also regulated by the CNHC. Doctors in the UK are only allowed to refer patients to members of the CNHC.

3/ At, under the Adwords Account Tab, it says "No linked Adwords accounts". So, I haven't quite got to the Adwords stage, successfully, yet.

4/ At under the Business Accounts tab, it shows 2 entities. One has my own name "David Stocks"; the other has "Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy (Fife)", my business name.

a/ Click on "David Stocks" symbol, and it shows the existing (now remaining) entry for Business Name "Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy (Fife)", status: Published.

b/ Click on "Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy (Fife)" symbol, and it shows the two recently downloaded locations: "Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy (Fife)" and one I just deleted, both have status: Not Published.

If I click on Get Verified against the entry I want to keep, it opens a new screen, which is a map showing my location and a panel saying "The following business looks similar to the business that you are verifying. Is this your business? -- my address -- and then 'This doesn't match'". If I click the Right Arrow, I get "This business is already in your account".


Unlike under the "my name" tag, I can't delete these new entries, only mark them as "Permanently Closed". I thought about changing one of their names, but it asks if I want to “Apply changes to 2 locations", without explaining which 2 locations, so I didn't.


So, I'm stuck. I'm guessing, but it would appear that, under the very top level, the existing business entry under my name needs to be moved to be under the business name tab, most importantly keeping the valuable reviews. Unfortunately, the business tag has already just been populated by the 2 entities.

Completely Lost

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Okay. I give up. I'll just have to stick to Facebook advertising. At least they DO help their customers.