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Competitor Issues

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Hi all,


I know this has been asked in the past. I just wanted to start a thread specific to our issue.


We have 4 competitors that have 10 accounts between them. One has 4 accounts and 3 of them have 2 accounts each. Obviously, this is in violation of AdWords' "Gaining an Unfair Advantage" policy.


We, on the other hand, have chosen to take the high road and not try to game the system.


Clearly this is causing me some great headaches when it comes to trying to compete with 10 accounts instead of 4.


I have reported them all multiple times over the last month or so and they still all exist. I have had our WordStream rep do the same and they all still exist.


Is there anything else I can do?


Would there be any benefit to my posting all of the accounts here?


This is a local issue as we're all Window & Door companies in Ottawa, ON. Me paying them each a visit and telling them to cut it out will not end well. There's no love lost in this industry here.


I know, Google makes more money if they leave it alone. I get that. That doesn't make it right.







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Re: Competitor Issues

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Good afternoon.


First, there is little use in submitting multiple reports for the same account. Your first report goes into the queue and is investigated when it hits the top of the list. Sending in multiple reports just clogs up the queue.


Second, investigations do take time. There is an entire procedure that has to be completed and documented before any action can take place. While I understand and sympathize with your desire to see immediate action, you have actually done all you can do by reporting the problem. It's now in the hands of the Google team and action will or will not be taken, depending on what the results of their investigation are.


And, third, these multiple accounts are not necessarily in violation of the policies. If the active campaigns are using different keywords, different targeting, etc., then it's possible that there might be a "slip" in the ad serving system without any deliberate intent to "game" the system.


Hope that helps!




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Re: Competitor Issues

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70% Impression share and 50% Impression share for 2 accounts for the same company. That's not a "slip".