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Company masquerading as Google Search

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Posted this in the google search forum and was requested to leave this information in the adwords forum as well...


Hi, just thought someone would like to know that I received a call from a random phone number from a company claiming to be Google. The auto-message that played when I answered said "Hi, this is Google. Would you like to have guaranteed top search results...." When I spoke with an actual person, they wouldn't give me the name of their company. The phone number of said company is 978-28x-101x. I tried to reverse lookup the number, but I couldn't find a business. I am not a fan of businesses pretending to be other businesses, so I thought I'd put this out there.


NOTE: This post has been edited by a Community Manager in order to slightly disguise a phone number which has the potential to put other members at risk, if they were to call it out of curiosity.
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April 2016

Re: Company masquerading as Google Search

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Hi Kaynen,


Thanks for the posting it here.


@ All Community users, 


We'd like to advise all our users to be aware and extra cautious with calls like these. Please note that Google is neither affiliated nor does endorse such companies who promise anything on behalf of Google or by using Google's name. 


In case of doubt, please feel free to ask us here on the Community like Kaynen did.