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Chronically Low Quality Scores That Nothing Seems To Help

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We recently relaunched our entire account (paused old campaigns, moved some keywords to new ones, created several brand new campaigns with new keywords) and since activating the new stuff we've been plagued with chronically low quality scores across the board in every campaign.

Keywords with 5%+ CTR are being flagged for low expected CTR. Landing page experience is shown as below average for key phrases that appear in huge h1 text at the very top of our landing pages (as well as throughout the copy). Keywords with thousands of impressions are marked as "rarely shown due to low quality score."

I've spoken to over half a dozen different support reps at AdWords, all of whom suggested your run of the mill fixes that any novice can find by Googling "how to improve quality scores." I've attempted everything that was suggested to me. I wrote new ads. I changed keyword match types. I improved the load speed of my landing pages. I added every Ad Extension possible. I did location and time of day bid modifiers.

None of this has helped my quality scores at all. Not one iota. Despite constantly trying to improve my account, quality scores have not improved a single bit. No movement whatsoever, which I find very odd.

I've been optimizing AdWords campaign's for businesses for a while now. I've helped move quality scores from the 6-7 range all the way up to 9-10. I've seen first hand how both small and sweeping changes can lead to steady, incremental improvement of scores. But in this case nothing I've tried has had the slightest bit of impact and my campaigns are still flailing.

Most of my highest-performing keywords, ones that get ton of clicks, have consistent CTRs above 5% and high conversion rates, all have quality scores of 3 or lower. One support rep actually tried to convince me that everything was fine as long as the keywords are still getting traffic, but my CPC's are astronomical and I'm losing over 40% of impression share due to low ad rank. I'm eating through my budget all for a poor performance.

It feels like I'm trying to swim with skis on and support is just telling me to kick my legs and flap my arms harder. Everyone I speak to at Google says this is out of the ordinary but no one has offered an effective solution.

Was there something wrong about the way we launched these new campaigns all at once? Is there a black mark on our account that I can't see that's weighing our quality scores down??

Please help. I am desperate for answers.


UPDATE: As per the advice of Adwords support, I'm just going create a new account. This account is nearly 10 years old and it appears it's never been a high-performer in terms of quality scores. Reps have assured me that the structure of my campaigns is correct and that I'm following all the best practices, so the likely cause is a low grade on the account. We're also in the process of changing domains, so the new account will be pointing at the new domain, so that the baggage from all this doesn't affect the new account.

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Re: Chronically Low Quality Scores That Nothing Seems To Help

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In saying "we've been plagued with chronic low quality scores across the board in every campaign", what range of QS are we talking?
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