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Can't log in

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I forgot my password so I created a new one. Now when I sign it, it just says I created a temp account and now I can't sign in at all. HELP!

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Re: Can't log in

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Hi Jamie, maybe a silly question, but are you trying to log in to Adwords or simply your Google account?  As far as I know Adwords doesn't have such a thing as a "temporary account".


Can you describe exactly what you see on screen when you try to log in?


Whichever product you're trying to log into, the username and password will be that for your Google account so if you go through the procedures for resetting your password for Google, that should allow you to access all your other products.



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Re: Can't log in

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This is what I see:


You're currently logged into your organizational account at To access your existing AdWords account, please use the login and the same password. Click here to log in.


I've tried the old account, the new account, with the old and new password. Nothing works.



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Re: Can't log in

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Hi Jamie,


First off, I think sharing email addresses is against Community Rules you may want to edit those out. 


Secondly, I think what you may be experiencing is a transition with Google accounts.  I found this article that may help you resolve your problem.  If not, I would contact Google directly for assistance. 


Some other potentially helpful info:


Why does an email address appear when I'm signed into AdWords?


Can't sign in?


Hope this helps and best of luck with your account issues, must be frustrating.



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