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Can't log in at all, causing problems with AdSense and AdMob

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Trying to sign into my AdWords account takes me to a page stating "This email is already associated with an AdWords account. To sign in to your existing account, click "Continue"." and clicking continue takes me to the exact same page it's already on. Clicking "Skip the guided set-up." takes me to an identical form that then takes me back to the original form. I can access my AdWords account from the Google Play Developer Console, but that's it. This problem also means I can't access my AdMob account  as I get the error "AdWords: You do not have access to the account that is connected to your AdMob account."

So I don't know what I'm meant to do. It's just a never ending rabbit hole of "you can't log in". I've been through every help article and nothing has worked. Bare in mind I already have an app out with working AdMob ads, I don't know why the login for this and my AdWords has suddenly stopped working.

Re: Can't log in at all, causing problems with AdSense and AdMob

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Hi Leon,

One thing to try is clearing your cookies and cache.  That can often help resolve technical issues.  You can also try a different browser/computer to see if that helps.  


Not sure how you've logged into AdWords before, but there is a 1:1 relationship between an email address, and an AdWords Account.  If your email address is associated with any former AdWords Account you used to have access to, it won't be able to be associated with the new Account unless the access is removed from your previous account.

Re: Can't log in at all, causing problems with AdSense and AdMob

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
I tried again using a different browser with a cleared cache and cookies and nothing changed. When accessing my AdWords account through the Google Play Developer Console and going onto Account Settings -> Account Access it shows the following:

" - me 14 May 2016 Administrative access"

As far as I know you can only associate one Google account with one AdWords account. So when logging in to with this exact same email address that has administrative access, it should work. For some reason it is directing me to the pages stated in the original post rather than my AdWords account.