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Can't Get Access To Using CPA

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I hope you are all well.


Well this is my first post on this forum.


In terms of our company, I'm currently trying to get a grip of AdWords.


I would like to use CPA as we know the exact profit margin on all of our products. However, I have been trying to set this up and cannot for the life of me do it.


I'm being promoted to have more conversions but I do not exactly understand what conversions they are asking for? The account has been set up for some time now and we have been using CPC. We have had very high CTR - Is the conversion they are asking for in CPC as a click on the ad? Or are they looking for something more specific?


I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question - I do appreciate your help and advice greatly.




Re: Can't Get Access To Using CPA

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@Kristoffer T


Welcome to the community.


For CPA to work correctly, you need to setup conversion tracking to track the sale of the product(s). You can find more info on that here:

Adwords needs some conversion history data, at least 15 in a 30 day period, for CPA bidding to work correctly. You cannot start without it.  More info on CPA bidding can be found here:

Re: Can't Get Access To Using CPA

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Hello David.

Thank you for your quick response.

In terms of conversation data - would that be the cpc data?
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Re: Can't Get Access To Using CPA

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@Kristoffer T


No, the conversion data would be sales of the product you know your margin on.  This is tracked by setting up conversion tracking.  You do this by placing a snippet of code on the purchase confirmation page.


If you check the link I sent you, it has a nice video that explains it all.

Re: Can't Get Access To Using CPA

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Thanks David.

I'm having to discuss this with the web development company as I don't have access to hat area of the website even though we own it. More and more costs as per usual.

Thank you for the inks and I have them book marked for today to finish off.

All the best.