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Can an affiliate advertise my website on google Adwords at the same time as i do?

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I'm about to start a new service on my website. I will be paying good commission to referrals that I get. Some of my affiliates that are registered on my site are asking if they can run Adwords using my website at the same time that I'm running AdWords?

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Can an affiliate advertise my website on google Adwords at the same time as i do?

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Google does not allow redirects or bridge pages.  Affiliate marketing with Google AdWords violates their "Bridge Page Policy":



Can an affiliate advertise my website on google Adwords at the same time as i do?

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Hi @hovik j,


Steve has provided a very valuable resource you would want to read completely. 


To add to that, technically speaking, yes, you can have more than one campaign or account advertising the same website. You will have to make sure to not breach the double-serving rule.


To ensure the best possible user experience, AdWords won't show multiple ads leading to identical or similar landing pages at the same time. This is true even if the pages have different domains.


In the case that multiple ads with similar or identical landing pages are eligible to show for a certain search query, AdWords will show the ad with the highest Ad Rank.


This policy is particularly applicable to affiliate and reseller advertisers, but may apply to any advertiser regardless of business relationship.


If you find that your ad often isn't showing due to this policy, try improving your Ad Rank by increasing your keywords' Quality Scores and/or maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids. Or, try refining your site so that one of the following is true:


  • Your site contains additional products which are not found on your parent company's or other advertisers' sites


  • Your site serves a different purpose than your parent company's or other affiliates' or resellers' sites


  • The prices on your site are significantly different than other advertisers' prices


If you make changes to your site and would like to be re-reviewed, please contact us. The AdWords support team will then work with you on next steps.


Affiliates: you may wish to contact your affiliate parent company directly to ensure any changes to your page align with your affiliate agreement.


Further, if you are an affiliate marketer, it won't be easy to get approved or stay enabled (AdWords may approve and then a few days later automated system will disapprove). 


However, if you do get approved, you would not want to have them, you and others, all advertising in the same geo-locations at the same time. The ads will compete with each other and cause performance issues, at the very least. 


And I would suggest reading all of the requirements and make sure you do not break those, too. 


Kind Regards,



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Can an affiliate advertise my website on google Adwords at the same time as i do?

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Technically, the system will  not allow two ads with the same domain on the same SERP.

So if, simultaneously you and your affiliates bidding on the same keyword, with an ad directing to the same landing page, the ad with the highest ad-rank wins.

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