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Can I use multiple domains in one account? (2016 update)

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Hi everyone,


I know there are multiple threads like this, but none of them seem to account for the recent adwords updates.


Pre-update, I know it was possible to create multiple campaigns in my account, and each one could go to a different website. However, with the new "auto-fill" display url, I'm not sure if it's possible anymore. 


The business I work for as a very large, outdated, global website. It's made of tables and isn't responsive for mobile. We wanted to create a new campaign for our installation services, which are only in the state of Florida. To make that campaign the best it can be, we decided to create a smaller responsive website specifically for those services. It's almost ready to launch, but I'm not sure if I could make the campaign in our current account, considering it has a unique domain.  Do I have to create a new account for this new domain? If not, how do I edit the "auto" display url for that campaign?

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August 2016

Re: Can I use multiple domains in one account? (2016 update)

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Hi Sarah,


Negative, you don't need a new AdWords account. You may continue using your existing one. However, you are advised to create new campaigns for the new, responsive website.


In case you wish to accrue conversions for your installation services, chances are you'll be well of with advertising on Search. Remember to apply appropriate mobile bid adjustments. You may, of course, also want to target the Display Network with the new responsive ads.


I do not expect you to have issue with the final url. No worries. - Just sit back, relax and look at the snip below my sig for a moment. The prefix http:// will get auto-filled by the system ... Smiley Happy




Responsive ad creation for the Google Display Network



Re: Can I use multiple domains in one account? (2016 update)

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Thank you!