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Campaigns reactivated... CPCs doubled

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We are using target cpa and the campaigns were paused for 2 days. After reactivation the CPCs have doubled. Has anyone had the same experience? Has the bid strategy tool started to learn anew? 





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April 2016

Re: Campaigns reactivated... CPCs doubled

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A two-day pause isn't enough to force the strategy to start over. AdWords normally uses the last 30-45 days of data for strategies.

It's more likely the problem is that something happened during those two days that the strategy couldn't learn about, because you weren't running ads. For example, if the competition raised their bids during those two days, your strategy is going to be two days "behind" in adjusting to that.

Re: Campaigns reactivated... CPCs doubled

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Thanks Michael... your right, we did have some backend problems on our site.