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Campaign Optimization

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I was running a campaign with Broad Match and then good conversion there along with lots of junk calls. traffic. So I decided to opt for Broad Match Modifier with Exact Match. But what happed junk queries reduced but real conversion also decrease. 

So what strategy should i Opt? So conversion could increase.


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Re: Campaign Optimization

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Hi @Amit K,


Did you copy and paste your keyword list entirely into broad match modifier and entirely into exact? Or did you change some into broad match modifier and the rest into exact? If it's the latter, it would explain why you'd see more of a decrease in real conversions.


If you've already gained a significant amount of historical data, I'd recommend looking into the search term report in detail. Identify which terms are likely generating junk traffic and then add them to your negative keyword list. Then sort the search term report by conversions and review which search terms are worth adding as keywords.


If you feel like you can get enough negative keywords together, it might be worth running with just broad match modifier for now while keeping a close eye on the search term report as data continues to come in. If you're budget doesn't allow for this though, just be sure to add as many converting keywords from the search term report and restrict the match type as you see fit.



ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Campaign Optimization

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Hi @ScottyD


Yes, I copied the same keywords in Broad Match Modifier and Exact Match. Basically I had started with Triangulation Method wherein i put all the three Match Types but later I paused phrase match adgroup. 


Still I don't get much impressions, clicks and conversions. 
Earlier i had all replicate keywords but now i am using below structure. please help me out. 
Here is Sample 

Broad match modifier


Get Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number Provider

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Toll Free Number for Business

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Toll Free Numbers US



Toll Free Number

Get a toll free number

toll free number providers

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cheap toll free numbers

toll free 


Because of general term if i use phrase i get junk traffic like ebay toll free number, google toll free number etc.