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Campaign Forecast Makes No Sense :-(

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I am planning to use AdWords to run a large sexual awareness campaign in the US. We want to bid on semi-adult terms like:

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These terms have high search volumes but if I put them into a campaign forecast and set a high bid the forecast still says I will get less than 10 impressions per day for terms with volumes of 40.000 to 200.000 searches each month.

The ads / website will all only use family friendly educational content.

What am I doing wrong? 

I would appreciate any response! Thanks!

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Re: Campaign Forecast Makes No Sense :-(

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Hello @Stefan_J,

What keyword match types are you using for your keywords? Broad? Exact? Also, what geographical location are you targeting? If you are only targeting a subset of the US the search volume will be less than the keyword planner tool, with a standard setting of the entire United States.

Let me know if that helps!


Re: Campaign Forecast Makes No Sense :-(

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Hey Nick!

Thanks for the reply.

I tried both broad and phrase matches for the whole US and also for all languages/all territories. Just to try this out I added a bunch of keywords that should get 1M+ searches/month, set my bid to $50 and all languages/all territories - still no results.

Might this be a bug/error in the forecast tool and should I try to go ahead and create a real campaign and see if any traffic is coming?

I am still flabbergasted and don't know whats going on :-(.
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Re: Campaign Forecast Makes No Sense :-(

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Hi Stefan,


Apart from search volumes, your traffic forecasts also depend upon various other factors. One major factor among them is your Historical Ad performance.


To get estimate traffic for your keywords, Keyword planner takes into consideration how other ads are performing (CTR,Quality score etc.) in your account and also the performance of similar keywords there.


As you are bidding high enough, it also may happen that your campaign budget is on the lower side which is limiting your impression forecasts.


One last thing, do keep in mind that traffic forecasts are just estimates so they have high margin of error. 


Please find the more information here:


Hope it helps !!

Re: Campaign Forecast Makes No Sense :-(

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Thanks Deepak! That really makes things clearer for me. I thought the forecast would be very correct but I guess I will just have to try to run a live campaign then :-). Thanks again!