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Call Out Extension review / approval issue

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Two weeks ago back on 03rd May i noticed all my extensions had been reviewed and approved within the normal timescales, with the exception of my call out extensions.


Upon contact support who contacted the review team(s) they advised me they could not physically see my pending call out extensions. They asked me if i had created the call outs via the 'shared library' or manually. I advised them ALL my extensions are created manually and i didnt even know how to create my extensions via the 'shared library'


Support then had to esculate my issue to a technical team to resolve. Due to this internal error i was granted a good will gesture credit.


So now two weeks later yet again new extensions i have created have all been reviewed and approved with the exception of my call out extensions, which for some reason cannot be automatically reviewed and approved.


Does anyone know whats going on here? It seems from my first contact with support (two weeks ago) they have simply managed to get my call out extensions approved whothout actually fixing what is causing this internal technical issue(s)


My initial support ticket for this (two weeks ago) is [2-6869000017021] if anyone internal can investigate whats causing this. As support teams i have contacted simply are not resolving this issue.

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Call Out Extension review / approval issue

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Hi Danny,


This is not a place where support can be requested. Someone posts general questions and we (the community) provides the best possible answer within our ability. Your best bet is to contact support again and get them to fix your account, approve the call-out extensions, etc.. You could try manually editing the extension and see if it triggers a review and approval however if your account has a technical issue that support did not fix... there is nothing we can do since they can access your account with you and we are not allowed to. 


The only other option I could offer would be for you to use this interactive web form to send your experience upstream. 


Kind Regards,



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